Emmanuel Baptist Church

275 State St.  Albany, NY 12210
(518) 465-5161

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A Welcoming and Affirming Congregation

Minister:  Rev. Kathy J. Donley


Children & Youth Programs

Children are an important part of our church.  There is a children's table in our sanctuary, where children can be in our worship service, and be interested in Bible books and puzzles.  The preacher or another church member spends a few minutes each Sunday with the children, talking about the basics of the sermon that the adults will hear and then leads the children (and usually the entire congregation joins in) in an "echo-prayer."

We have many activities and learning opportunities for our young people:


Christian Activity Time (CAT)

During 2nd half of Worship Service

Singing, Scripture stories, Arts & Crafts Projects, Snack and Prayer

Sunday School / Christian Education

Sundays 11:30 AM

Scripture and Topic based projects and learning activities

Meet the Parents Group

Meet the Parents is a group of parents and young children gathering monthly to nurture relationships within the broad scope of Emmanuel life.  Meetings usually convene with a potluck supper with crafts, songs of the Christian tradition, activites and stories for the children, while prarents/guardians meet to discuss family development and parenting challenges.  Very often, Dr. Anthony Malone, a renowned pediatrician with an emphasis on children with special needs, meets with the group of discussion.



Children's Music Program

Children meet, usually at the beginning of CAT time (during adult worship time) to work on several songs and then share what they are learning with the congregation during worship every two to three months.




7-Up Club

The 7-Up Club is in the process of developing programs of interest to children ages 7-12.  Most recently the group went on a field trip to the Children's Museum of Science and Technology in Troy.


Other Activities by Season

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt, held a Saturday morning before Easter, attracting between 20 and 50 children and youth


Hayride & Bon-Fire, held at a local farm in the fall, for families and friends of all ages


And Many, many more!!!