Statement of Welcome and Affirmation

We believe that the issues of sexuality are not well understood and that the causes of sexual orientation are not definitively known. It is basically unjust to condemn a person because of an orientation over which he or she has no choice or power. It is equally unjust to deny an individual responsible expression of their sexuality if that orientation is not chosen. To try to divide actions from identity in areas of human sexuality betrays a basic misunderstanding of human nature and the degree to which one’s sexuality is central to one’s being.

We believe that the interpretation of scriptures which gives foundation to statements condemning gay men and lesbians is inadequate and over-simplified.

We believe it is foolish for the church to cut off women and men who bring rich gifts and deep commitments to the cause of the gospel because they do not fit the traditional stereotypes of the “good Christian.”

We believe that it is clear in the scriptures that Jesus lived, died, and rose again as a sign of God’s tenacious love and that he opened the doors of God’s kindom for all people regardless of age, sex, race, or sexual orientation.

We declare ourselves to be welcoming and affirming of all people regardless of age, sex, race, or sexual orientation and commit ourselves to providing opportunities wherein each individual can offer his or her gifts and find growth and service. We refuse to divide people into categories which erase their individual identities and over-look the gifts with which God has blessed them and with which God hopes to bless the Church.